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the george zimmerman trial. we will let you know how soon that jury could start deliberating. >>> you are so close to the all-important weekend. you can taste it at this point. and it's going to be spectacular around here. we are going to let you know the best places where you can hit the beach, you can hit the campgrounds, all across the bay area. yep, coming up in your full forecast. >>> and it is the video you cannot get sick of watching, impalas running for their lives in south africa, when nbc bay area news returns. >>> closing arguments are under way in the trial of george zimmerman. zimmerman has bleeded not guilty to second-degree murder saying  he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed trayvon martin more than a year ago. nbc's sarah daloff has the latest developments from sanford, florida.>o >> reporter: no jury present this morning as attorneys for both sides went over jury instructions before judge debra nelson. a key issue, the prosecution asking the jury be allowed to consider lesser offenses during deliberations. >> are you aware that your attorneys do not want any les
here in the states, the judge in the trial of george zimmerman hearing about a controversial piece of evidence this morning. the judge has to decide if an animated video depicting the shoot look admitted in her court. sarah daloff has the late froes.sanford, florida. >> i have worked on 59 criminal trials so far. >> reporter: the issue this morning, the defense's motion to show 3-d animation of the fatal shooting of trayvon martin based on their version of events that night. testifying before the judge with no jury present for hours this morning, the an mater explained how he created the video. wÑ the seat that i have, it was used in avatar, ironman, x-men and they use it for creating movements of the characters in the movies. >> reporter: judge debra nelson has ruled before on controversial evidence in the case. most recently, ruling the testimony from experts about a small amount of thc, the active ingreeted in marijuana, found during the autopsy after trayvon martin's death. the past few days, testimony has centered around screams heard in the background of a 911 call. yesterda
this morning by the judge in the trial of george zimmerman. this as the defense prepared to wrap up their case today. nbc's sarah daloff has the very latest from sanford, florida. >> court is in recess. >> reporter: frustrations ran high and patience short during a marathon court session stretching late into last night. the judge listened to hours of arguments, one focused on whether to admit into evidence an animated recreation of the defense's version of what happened the night trayvon martin was shot, and text messages about fighting from trayvon martin's phone. the arguments were heated at points. >> we have had full days, every day, weekends, deposition at night. >> reporter: this morning, all sides returned to hear judge debra nelson's ruling, the text messages will not be allowed, neither all right animation as evidence, although the judge will allow it to be shown testimony m testimo testimony mon strattively in closing. an expert was on its stand this morning. his testimony touched on fight technique and previous statements from a gym owner about george zimmermans a lack of athleticis
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3